Credit: Michael Konkol, BLAST

Video: FalleN aces the round in front of a roaring crowd!

Watch Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo get an outstanding ace for Imperial at the IEM Rio Major!

Hometown heroes Imperial didn’t get the best start to the Major and especially not in the game against 9z on Mirage in their second matchup. Here, FalleN’s troops got dominated from the start to finish in the first half, as Maximiliano “max” Gonzalez and company stormed to a 13-2 lead by halftime.

However, the Brazilian crowd stayed supportive throughout the entire first half, and their chants finally paid off when the biggest Brazilian star, FalleN, delivered an ace with the Dualies, inspiring his team for a comeback.

Watch his ace right here:

From there on, it seemed like the momentum was on Imperial’s side as they grabbed another five rounds to their tally before 9z managed to stop their streak with two rounds of their own to hit match point. Another amazing play from FalleN which resulted in a quad kill helped to keep Imperial alive for a moment longer in the match, but unfortunately for the Brazilians, 9z went on to close the action not long after.

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