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Heroic to Grand Final at Pinnacle over BIG

"sjuush" takes Heroic past BIG!

It was a fight for a spot in the Grand Final at Pinnacle Cup Championship when Heroic and BIG took the stage in Lund. It was a close match but Heroic ended up taking the victory after only two maps.

The action started on BIG's pick of Mirage and the Germans played a great first fifteen rounds. With the power of "syrsoN"s AWP striking down upon Heroic, BIG took an 8-7 T side lead.
Heroic took a six-round winstreak off the back of a hot "sjuush" as they turned to the T side, but were shut down by BIG who did one better, taking seven rounds in a row and taking match point. The Germans could not close it and did not manage to take a single round from this point, as the Danes secured overtime and then went flawless in the extra rounds.

Heroic started the second map of Overpass with a small T-side lead, but as soon as BIG were able to get out their rifles they held their ground very well, and went to halftime with a three-round lead.
Heroic absolutely dominated as soon as they arrived on the CT side, and only gave up a single round to BIG, even despite a very impressive showing from the stand-in of "k1to".

With the win, Heroic are now set to meet Astralis in the Grand Final tonight at 20:00 (CEST).

BIG – Heroic 0-2 | Pinnacle Cup Championships

15-19 (Mirage) |  sjuush – 1.39 Rating / 31-21 K-D / 93.9 ADR

10-16 (Overpass) |  sjuush – 1.30 Rating / 21-16 K-D / 91.2 ADR

MVP:  Rasmus "sjuush" Beck – 1.35 Rating / 52-37 K-D / 92.7 ADR

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