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German success! BIG ready for the Legends Stage in Rio

syrsoN shines on the big stage as they sweep 9z in the battle for advancement.

Berlin International Gaming, more commonly known as BIG, has booked a ticket for the next stage at IEM Rio Major following the footsteps of MOUZ and Bad News Eagles.

That became a reality moments ago when the German top team sealed the victory against the underdogs from 9z in the 2-1 progression match. A matchup that BIG ended up controlling for the majority of the time – especially on the first map on Nuke where Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz and company posted a crushing 16-4 win.

BIG managed to close out the series on their own map pick of Dust2, despite 9z stepping up massively compared to the massacre on the map before. Yet, it was not enough to evade the 2-0 loss for the South Americans, who still has a shot left to make it to the Legends Stage.

BIG – 9z 2-0 | IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage

16-4 (Nuke) | syrsoN – 1.82 Rating / 19-7 K-D / 95.5 ADR

19-15 (Dust2) | k1to – 1.39 Rating /28-24 K-D / 89.8 ADR

MVP: Florian “syrsoN” Rische – 1.55 Rating / 43-24 K-D / 87.4 ADR

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