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G2 qualify for Major with win over mouz

NiKo and company have made it to the PGL Major Stockholm!

G2 Esports have punched their ticket to the Major and secured a second place in the group, following a 16-10 victory over mousesports on Mirage. Going to the playoffs currently puts G2 in the first place of the rankings and gives them a good chance to reach a legend spot, while tie breakers are going to decide the future for mousesports.

NiKo and company came out guns blazing on Mirage, taking a 5-0 lead before mousesports started to answer back by stringing together three rounds. However, G2 still managed to stay in control as they ended the half with a 9-6 advantage. Dexter and company from mousesports didn’t succeed on the offense and couldn’t quite find the openings, which resulted in G2 quickly reaching match point and closing out the map 16-10.


G2 – mousesports 1-0 |IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Mirage (16-10) | frozen – 1.43 Rating / 26-16 / 97.5 ADR

Despite losing the match, mousesports’ frozen finished on top of the scoreboard with a 1.43 Rating and +10 K-D diff.

Copenhagen Flames – BIG 1-0 | IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Vertigo (16-9) | nicoodoz – 1.78 Rating / 24-11 / 105.5 ADR

Copenhagen Flames finished off their sensational run at IEM Fall by staying undefeated with yet another impressive victory, this time over BIG on Vertigo.

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