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G2 extends their winning streak to nine!

G2 keeps on playing well following their recent success at BLAST World Finals.

G2 keeps on performing at the top level. The mixed European team secured themselves their second victory at the event. After a year of struggle G2 is now on the right path to success. Most recently G2 took home their first trophy in a long time after they won BLAST Premier World Finals.

G2 is currently on a nine-match winning streak after they took down last year's champions in FaZe. The series between the worlds number two and number three started out on G2s map pick Nuke. The mixed team led by Ramus "HooXi" Nielsen played a great T side as they managed to get nine rounds on the less favored side. FaZe did bounce back but after an intense match, G2 came out on top and won game one 16-14.

Next up, Ancient. G2 was fast to gain success on the CT side as the two Bosnian superstars played well throughout the entire half. A 10-5 half was enough for G2 to close out the game on the T side. G2 took map two 16-7 and the match against their rivals 2-0.

G2 - FaZe Clan 2-0 | IEM Katowice Group Stage

Nuke: Justin 'jks' Savage - 1.38 rating / 25-16 K-D / 86.2 ADR

Ancient: Justin 'jks' Savage - 1.42 rating / 22-10 K-D / 75.7 ADR

MVP: Justin 'jks' Savage - 1.40 rating / 47-26 K-D / 81.6 ADR

Team Spirit gets back on track as they take down the Germans in BIG in a three-map series. The firepower-heavy roster came out on top against the more experienced team with tabseN as IGL. Spirit will fight tomorrow for a spot in the arena.

BIG - Spirit 1-2 | IEM Katowice Group Stage

Nuke: Jakob 'jabbi' Nygaard - 1.43 rating / 25-19 K-D / 102.1 ADR

Mirage: Justin 'FaNg' Coakley - 1.42 rating / 30-20 K-D / 96.2 ADR

Anubis: Rasmus 'sjuush' Beck - 1.51 rating / 24-13 K-D / 99.8 ADR

MVP: Jakob 'jabbi' Nygaard - 1.35 rating / 70-52 K-D / 87.9 ADR

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