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G2 and Copenhagen Flames take lead in Group A at IEM Fall

G2 and Copenhagen Flames go 2-0 while mousesports move to 1-1.

G2 ran over BIG on Nuke with a 16-8 scoreline as JaCkz led the European side with a 1.85 Rating. The European Squad already sits comfortably in the RMR rankings but will look to secure as many points as possible.

G2 got off to a great start on Nuke, converting a force buy on the second round before BIG went on the scoreboard. Despite a short improvement from syrsoN’s team, G2 cruised through their CT side, stringing together eight rounds in a row on their way to an 11-4 lead ending the first half. The second half started with all of the players on G2 had utility trying to make a remarkable play, but BIG won the pistol. The European squad were quick to prevent any comeback attempts from BIG and kept the map in check to secure their victory 8-16

BIG – G2 | IEM Fall

8-16 (Nuke) | JaCkz – 1.85 Rating / 27-11 K-D / 108.5 ADR

IEM Fall 2021 EU overview:

Copenhagen Flames – AURA (16-14) |  hype – 1.37 Rating / 26-18 K-D / 93.9 ADR

Funplus Phoenix – mousesports (16-12) | zehN - 1.51 Rating / 30-15 K-D / 89.6 ADR

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