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Pley of the Day: FalleN sends Imperial to the Major with insane plays on Overpass!

The 31-year-old AWPer still got some skills up his sleeve, stepping up for his team when it mattered the most.

The Brazilian squad Imperial played an important match yesterday against a well-playing Complexity, where the winner was set to qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022, while the losing team was eliminated. In the thriller match with everything at stake, it was Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo who was the man who pressed the speeder for his team on the last map "Overpass", presenting impressive and crucial plays.

Watch the legendary AWPer and his important plays from yesterday's match down below.

FalleN ended the match with some impressive stats - 71-52 K-D / +19 +/- / 1.23 Rating.

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