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FalleN after clinching Major ticket: This has been the most emotional tournament in my entire career

Imagine a CS:GO Major in Brazil without the presence of FalleN and company.

Yesterday evening Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and the rest of Imperial secured themselves a spot at the upcoming CS:GO Major on their home soil of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. To seal the ticket, the Brazilians had to go through a nail-biter of a match against Complexity, which ended with an overtime thriller on Overpass.

Right after the match, a very emotional Imperial captain in FalleN took his time to speak ESL, expressing how much it means for him and the team to attend the Rio Major.

- It’s impossible to describe. You can just see it and feel it. The energy that everyone from the entire world was bringing hoping for our qualification – all the stress, all the preparation, it was very, very difficult. This has been the most emotional tournament I’ve ever played. It has been the hardest journey of my career in my 18 years of playing CS. I’m just so happy.

“He took us to Rio”

FalleN were extremely impressed with the Imperial newcomer Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes, who put up a stellar performance in the crucial matchup yesterday by averaging a 1.26 Rating and getting 79 kills in total.

- He [chelo] took us to Rio. He was playing so well. He really reminds me of coldzera in the past – I have told chelo that he has a lot of qualities like coldzera. You know the energy that he brings to the game and the way he plays, and today he was fantastic. He saved us so much.

You can watch the full interview with FalleN here.

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