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BIG win dramatic match and qualifies for Rio

Everything was on the line for K23 and BIG at the EU RMR.

It was an all-or-nothing match for BIG and K23 on the last day of the EU RMR event in Malta.

Both teams were 2-2 in Group B and needed a victory to qualify. It all started with an overtime victory for K23 on their map pick of Inferno. BIG was now only a map away from elimination, but the Germans kept their heads cool. Mirage was won by 16-11 to give way for a dramatic ending.

Dust2 turned out to be an intense and epic map, with several impressive clutches both ways. K23's Konstantin 'Raijin' Trubarov had some massive impact rounds to keep K23 in the match and forced the third and final map to another overtime.

But here BIG got the job done. Perhaps it was lack of experience that played a part in the end, but K23 lost momentum and lost all rounds in the overtime, and lost their opportunity to go to the Major in Rio.

BIG - K23 2-1 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group B)

20-22 (Inferno) | syrsoN – 1.32 Rating / 36–24 K-D / 82.0 ADR

16-11 (Mirage) | k1to – 1.49 Rating / 25–12 K-D / 88.4 ADR

19-15 (Dust2) | syrsoN – 1.38 Rating / 29–18 K-D / 82.4 ADR

Player of the match: Florian "syrsoN" Rische

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