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BIG qualifies for the Final at ESL Meisterschaft Autumn 2020

As expected the first Finalist of ESL Meisterschaft Autumn 2020 is BIG.

The number 4 in the world was matched up with Rhein Neckar at the German Championship Semi-Finals. Rhein Neckar is currently ranked 194 in the world.

On Vertigo the underdogs showed some great Counter-Strike and proved, that they came prepared. They were battling BIG's strats, and forced the favorites to change their approach. Rhein Neckar went up 5-0, before BIG made a comeback and won their CT-side 8-7. In the second half BIG again managed to come out on top with 8-7 winning the map 16-14.

The Vertigo battle gave hope for another even map on Nuke.

But then syrsoN did this.

An early ace seemed to take the fighting spirit out of Rhein Neckar who got steamrolled 16-2. Florian "syrsoN" Rische went 23-6 in k/d not leaving his opponent many chances to recover.

BIG will play the Grand Final tonight at 19.50 (CET) against the winner of the other Semi-Final between ALTERNATE aTTaX and Sprout.

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