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BIG crush MIBR in lower final

The German squad will take upon nexa’s troops from G2 in the Consolidation final.

BIG took MIBR by storm and eliminated them out of BLAST Premier Fall Groups Group B after securing a confident 2-0 victory to set up a match against G2 tomorrow at 16:30 (CET) for a spot in the Group Final.

BIG looked inspired as things kicked off on Mirage, MIBR’s map pick, running up a dominant 14-1 lead with a proactive CT side. The Brazilians from MIBR were completely stunned throughout the first half and couldn’t come up with any answers on the attacking side. It was only a matter of whether MIBR would be able to avoid the 16-1. After BIG won the pistol in the second half, MIBR suddenly managed to pick up three rounds in a row, but that was all they were able to net before BIG confidently closed out the map, 16-4.

Kicking off Nuke, MIBR secured the pistol round and fended off the force buys of BIG to go up 3-0. But from there on, BIG quickly turned up the pressure as they started to adding rounds to their tally, with syrsoN leading the way. However, MIBR managed to secure four rounds in the end of the half to grab a small lead on 8-7 before the halftime. The defense of BIG in the second half was a masterclass as they completely dominated the Brazilians, who were only able to add one more round to the scoreboard before BIG wrapped up the series 2-0.

BIG - MIBR 2-0 | BLAST Premier Fall Group

Mirage (16-4) | k1to – 1.61 Rating / 21-9 / 98.5 ADR
Nuke (16-9) | syrsoN – 1.52 Rating / 23-12 / 88.3 ADR


Florian “syrsoN” Rische – 1.55 Rating / 45-20 / 85.3 ADR / 86.7% KAST

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