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apEX: "ZywOo has been underperforming"

The Vitality in-game leader puts "s1mple" ahead of "ZywOo" as it currently stands

The professional Counter-Strike scene and the community surrounding it have, as always, many different views on the hot topics of CS:GO. Whether it be the addition of 128 ticks servers, a reworked Mirage, or perhaps what the best warm-up before an important game is. In a Youtube video, posted on RivalryCSGO's Youtube channel, the in-game leader of Vitality Dan "apEX" Madesclaire is asked to rank different topics.

When asked about who the current best player in the world is between "s1mple", "ZywOo", and himself the French mastermind pulled a smile. Without having to think too much about the question he answered:

"If I am talking about now then I will say "s1mple" first, then "ZywOo", and then me for 2021. ZywOo has maybe been underperforming a bit lately, in terms of what I was used to seeing from him. I have no problem with that because every human has up and downs and it is not a big down, he is still too good. But he is a bit less good than in 2020."

To hear more from the French in-game leader of Vitality and what he has to say about different hot topics in the professional Counter-Strike scene, you can watch the entire interview right here:

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