Credit: ESL Adela Sznajder

ZywOo leads Vitality past Astralis

"ZywOo" is looking fierce in Texas!

Vitality and Astralis faced each other in their opening match of the tournament in a Bo1. Somewhat surprisingly, the map veto ended with the teams heading to Vertigo, a map that neither team have good winning percentages on.

The Vitality roster started out great on the T side. The two players who have been shining the most since the roster change; "ZywOo" and "dupreeh", were both playing extremely well, and led the team to an 8-2 lead. The Astralis boys recovered a tad towards the end of the half resulting in a 9-6 scoreline.

"blameF" and "Farlig" both had good performances throughout the game, and with "Xyp9x" not far behind, the Danes almost managed to make a comeback. It was not to be for Astralis though, as Vitality managed to close it out and take their first victory at IEM Dallas.

Astralis - Vitality 0-1 | IEM Dallas 2022

12-16 (Vertigo) | ZywOo - 1.67 Rating / 32-16 K-D / 104.9 ADR

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