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Vitality to face NaVi in Grand Final!

Vitality moves past G2 and secures a spot in the Grand Final of BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022

With Natus Vincere securing the first spot in tomorrow's Grand Final of the ongoing BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 event, we are left with only one spot left. The last Grand Finalist is to be found between two big names as G2 and Vitality go head to head in an exciting Bo3-series. The winner of the Semi-final will earn the right to play against Natus Vincere tomorrow for a chance to become the champions of the event. On paper G2 were the slight favorites going into the Bo3-series, however, once the two rosters entered the server it was clear that very little separated the two. A close battle, that went all three maps concluded with Vitality as the victor.

The first map of the Bo3-series took place on the iconic map of Dust 2 and was picked by the French and Danish roster of Vitality. Looking at the numbers it is apparent that both teams are more than capable of putting up a great performance on Dust 2 and a thriller was on the cards for the first map of the series. Already in the first half of Dust 2, it was a close affair. With little separating the two teams, G2 proved slightly more potent on their CT-side as the first half concluded at the scoreline of 9-6. The second half, however, saw a dangerously cohesive and strong defense from Vitality. With "ZywOo" performing like almost always does, the French and Danish combination proved too difficult for G2 to break down. At the scoreline of 16-13, it was Vitality to claim Dust 2 and secure an advantage going forward in the Bo3-series.

The second map of the series was, of course, picked by G2 and saw the brawl continue on Inferno. Few teams have looked as dangerous as G2 on the Italian soil of Inferno as of late. Currently sitting on a 88% win rate on the map (8 maps) in the past three months, it seemed an impossible task for Vitality to close out the Semi-final in just two maps. Once Inferno got rolling it was clear which team was the better on the map. A stellar performance, led by headshot machine "JACKZ" saw G2 dominate Vitality and take home the victory at the scoreline of 16-8.

The third and final map of the Bo3-series took place on Nuke. A map that is known for its tactical possibilities and seemed the perfect place for "apEX" and "Aleksib" to have their final showdown before a winner was found between the two rosters. A close battle from start to finish kicked off on Nuke as neither team gave their opponent an inch. A slow CT-sided half from Vitality meant an 8-7 lead at halftime for "NiKo" and his troops. Whilst Nuke is said to be a CT-sided map, Vitality seemed far more potent once they had switched to the offense on Nuke. A stellar performance from "ZywOo" catapulted Vitality into a lead in the late stages of the map. At the scoreline of 16-13 it was Vitality to finally close out the Bo3-series and celebrate as they look forward to a thriller of a Grand Final against Natus Vincere tomorrow.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Vitality - G2 2-1 | BLAST Premier Spring Finals - Lisbon (Semi-finals)

16-13 (Dust 2) | apEX - 1.48 Rating / 28-18 K-D / 90.8 ADR

8-16 (Inferno) | JACKZ - 1.50 Rating / 23-12 K-D / 85.2 ADR

16-13 (Nuke) | ZywOo - 1.35 Rating / 23-15 K-D / 81.3 ADR


: Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut - 1.21 Rating / 59-48 K-D / 77.4 ADR

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