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Video: ZywOo ends game with amazing play

The man, the myth, the legend does it again! The French AWPer kills 3 with his primary weapon and secures the victory for his side against OG.

It is unbelievable to think about the age of the young superstar, the twenty-year-old seems to have been here forever with s1mple as the best in the world.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut transferred to Team Vitality in October 2018, and he hasn’t looked back after that, right now is the lowest of his short career, because his team doesn’t perform well enough anymore.

But the youngster still produces an outrageous number, in the last three months where Vitality has looked to play with a lack of confidence, the French AWPer has kept a rating of 1.27.

It´s beginning to be normal to see ZywOo and s1mple produce these kinds of plays, but we will never be tired of it, and with such a young age there will come many more outrageous moments in the future!

Watch the game-winning play against OG here:

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