Credit: Sinners

Video: Sinners player wins 1v5 clutch on Ancient

BLUEJAYS were caught lagging as beastik won a 1vs5 after plant.

Sinners took on BLUEJAYS at European Development Championship 6.

beastik was the man in the news after he took down five players of BLUEJAYS with just a tech-nine. An after-plant episode with a tech-nine in hand, the 24-year-old took over the youtube and CSGO with his insane clutch. Beastik was left in a 1vs5 against five riflers from BLUEJAYS, four with full hp and one with just four hp. Despite standing in a wide open ankle the pistol from sinners was too much for BLUEJAYS.

beastik ended Ancient with a great stats line: 23-18 / 78.9 ADR / 1.17 Rating.

take a look at the insane 1vs5 play by beastik right here:

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