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Astralis wins the Danish Derby

Astralis go 3-0 in groups at IEM after a victory over Heroic.

dupreeh and company from Astralis have secured their third victory in Group B at IEM Fall EU after taking down their rivals 14-16 on Nuke.

Astralis and Heroic went head-to-head in the Danish Derby. The action started on Nuke, where Heroic got a good start by winning the first three rounds on the attacking side. But things changed when Astralis upgraded their gear as they won eight rounds in a row. They kept their lead for much of the first half, which ended up 10-5. In the second half, Astralis quickly extended their lead, stringing three rounds together to go up 13-5 on the scoreboard. Heroic was unable to keep a lid on Philip "⁠Lucky⁠" Ewald as Astralis kept on their lead in the half. When it seemed like Astralis were going to steal away their favorite map pick, cadiaN troops came back from the dead and were hoping for a comeback, but Astralis closed out the map 16-14 and avoided any overtimes.

Heroic – Astralis | IEM Fall EU

14-16 (Nuke) |  dupreeh – 1.40 Rating / 28-16 K-D / 84.4 ADR


IEM Fall 2021 EU overview:

Sinners – Endpoint (16-9) |  NEOFRAG – 1.72 Rating / 25-17 K-D / 119.3 ADR

Complexity – Movistar Riders (14-16) |  ALEX - 1.53 Rating / 29-15 K-D / 93.3 ADR

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