Live: Day 3 of European Group B RMR |
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Credit: ESL - Adela Sznajder

Live: Day 3 of European Group B RMR

A stacked lineup of matches awaits on the third day of action.

After seeing the Players and Copenhagen Flames qualify for the major yesterday, these twelve teams will try their damnedest to do the same. On the A-stream we have six teams who can qualify for the major with just one win, while they will be battling for survival on the B-stream.

It is now or never if you want to be on the stage at Antwerp!

Stream A:

11.00: Anonymo - ENCE (0-2)
14.45: NIP - SINNERS (2-0)
18.30: G2 - Astralis (2-1)

Steam B:

11.00: HEET - Entropiq (2-0)
14.45: Bad News Eagles - ASG (2-0)
18.30: Spirit - Endpoint (2-0)

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