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oskar on TITANS project: I only saw one paycheck in the 9 months I played

Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný describes the dismal conditions he had to deal with under the TITANS banner.

Last week, the Czech AWPer, oskar, announced that he was no longer a part of the TITANS roster after contractual agreements were not being met. The organization reportedly hadn’t paid oskar and some of his other teammates' full salary and bootcamp expenses, which made the Czech AWPer hit out at the organization.

In a recent interview with Sazka Esport, oskar went into more specific details about what was wrong with the organization, indicating that a lot of things did not work out from the beginning.

“They promised us that they would pay, but I waited four months for the first salary. When they sent the money, they promised more, but then nothing came, so I only received one and a half salary for those 9 months.”

The thing that oskar regrets the most is that he didn’t ask his former colleagues from his days in mousesports more about the organization before joining them, stating that no one told him about the difficulties.

“SuNny and lmbt have been writing to me throughout my time in SINNERS asking me to play with them. Then I succumbed to it. During the time that they wrote to me, they never once wrote to me that there were any problems with money. If they let me know, then I could have a clear signal to stay away from it.”

But it wasn’t just about the conditions regarding the salaries, it also didn’t work for the team in terms of their gameplay either, as the results showed.

“MSL was stuck in the past. He wanted to play his game, but he didn’t understand that he had aggressors on the team who wanted to create the game. He didn’t understand that and called predetermined strategies that didn’t suite anyone. When someone started a debate with him, it was just tilt and he stopped talking,” Oskar explained in the interview talking about the Danish in-game leader.

“I was laughing a lot at the computer because it was so ridiculous and I thought I was really stupid to leave SINNERS because of this.”

Despite all this happening, the Czech AWPer isn’t heading for retirement anytime soon and in 2023 we will see him wearing the SINNERS jersey once again.

You can watch the full interview with oskar right here:

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