Bad News Eagles makes history and qualifies for Antwerp |
Bad News Eagles

Credit: PGL, Joao Ferreira

Bad News Eagles makes history and qualifies for Antwerp

For the first time in history a team from Kosovo is ready for a Major.

A huge celebration was in order after Bad News Eagles secured their spot at the Antwerp Major with a 2-1 win against SINNERS.

The Balkan team has been one of the positive surprises at the European RMR event and could complete their journey with a qualification for the upcoming Major. The only team that stood in their way was SINNERS. The Czech team had taken down Spirit and HEET at the tournament and was also looking to represent their home country in the biggest CS:GO tournament on the calendar.

The match started upside down. On BNE’s map pick, it was SINNERS who were the better team. The Czechs won both halves to take don Mirage 16-10. On Nuke it was the other way around. Bad News Eagles played a perfect CT-half and dominated their opponents leading 12-3 at the break before converting it to a 16-6 map win.

The mother of all decider maps, Inferno was left as the ultimate decider for the most important match of all ten players on the server, who had never attended a Major before. And Inferno delivered! Right from the get-go, it was a back and forth game of Counter-Strike. SINNERS took a 9-6 lead at the break, but could not hold on to the lead in the second half. Bad News Eagles grinded their way back into the match and made history with a 16-14 victory on Inferno to secure a win and qualification for the Major in Antwerp!

Bad News Eagles - SINNERS 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B

10-16 (Mirage) | NEOFRAG - 1.45 Rating / 28-17 K-D / 110.6 ADR

16-6 (Nuke) | sinnopsyy - 1.69 Rating / 20-15 K-D / 129.6 ADR

16-14 (Inferno) | juanflatroo - 1.29 Rating / 24-18 K-D / 80.4 ADR

MVP: Adam 'NEOFRAG' Zouhar - 1.24 Rating / 66-58 K-D / 93.1 ADR

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