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Sinners player out for 5 weeks after punching his desk

The lesson of this must be that violence is never the answer - neither against a fellow human being or your computer desk.

We have all been there. Being so angry and irritated while playing Counter-Strike that it turns into a smashed headset, mouse, keyboard or a couple of heavy and aggressive punches at your desk.

For the pro player Jindřich "ZEDKO" Chyba from Sinners, punching his desk has meant that the 24-year-old rifler will be out of competition for no less than five weeks, he has revealed in a Twitlonger. The Czech has allegedly broken his finger in an attempt of punishing his desk.

ZEDKO's statement:

Hey everyone, I have been getting a lot of questions about why I am unable to play so I wanted to address the situation. I fucked up. Did the big KAPOW on my desk and broke my bony-ass finger doing so. That bitch is kaputt for the next 5 weeks so I can’t click heads for at least that period. Merry Christmas to me! Either way, I am really sorry but HEY, at least I didn’t smash my head or we’d be in BIG trouble… Thanks for understanding and, once again, I am sorry but I’ll come back with all 5 fingers intact! Maybe…

Due to ZEDKO obtaining this finger injury, Sinners is now forced to play with a stand-in. In the first series without ZEDKO is has been the head coach Tomáš 'Tomkeejs' Tomka, who has filled out the teamsheet. They will play their next match today at 13:00 (CET) at European Development Championship 6.

Sinners | Active roster

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Tomáš "⁠Tomkeejs⁠" Tomka - Coach (stand-in)

Jindřich "⁠ZEDKO⁠" Chyba (sidelined)

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