Copenhagen Flames flawless on day 1 |

Credit: PGL

Copenhagen Flames flawless on day 1

The Flames take down SINNERS to go 2-0.

After both winning their first game, Copenhagen Flames, and SINNERS now had to do battle against each other for the chance to go 2-0. The brawl took place on Overpass, a curious pick considering that it was statistically the worst map in the pool for the Czechs.

SINNERS comfortably secured the T-side pistol round but were quickly shot down by the aimbot-like performance of "nicoodoz" and his scout. This was the start of an oppressing streak for the Flames, which saw them take a 7-1 lead. SINNERS did manage to pick up a few rounds in the middle of the half where they actually looked pretty solid, but "jabbi" equipped with an AK-47 made sure that the Danes had a commanding 11-4 lead at halftime.

"beastik" and co. looked better as they switched to the CT-side, but the enormous round deficit was just too much to overcome and the Danes close the game at 16-9.

With the win the Flames become the third team to go 2-0, while SINNERS have to try their luck in the 1-1 bracket.

Highlight of the Bo1-series:

Copenhagen Flames - SINNERS 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B

16-9 (Overpass) | jabbi - 1.74 Rating / 29-16 K-D / 116.5 ADR

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