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Credit: Helena Kristiansson ESL

Astralis finish the group stage with a flawless 5-0 record

Denmark’s Counter-Strike kings keep their perfect record at IEM Fall!

Magisk and company from Astralis took down Sinners on Nuke to finish the group stage with a flawless 5-0 record. 

Sinners took the pistol round but Astralis were quick to bounce back with a forcebuy win and got into the lead by securing the next two rounds. From there on, NEOFRAG and company found it hard to keep up with their opponents, who ended the half with an impressive 10-5 advantage. The Danes came out with confidence in the second half and strung together five rounds in a row to reach match point before Sinners managed to grab three of their own. However, it was all too late as Astralis just needed one round to close out the map, which they got after Lucky won a 1v1 situation and defused the bomb. 

Astralis – Sinners 1-0 | IEM Fall 2021 Europe 

Nuke (16-8) – Magisk – 1.41 Rating / 23-18 / 104.6 ADR 

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