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Danish Delight in Group B

Heroic, Astralis, and SinnerS all made it through Day 1 with three points in the bag.

The second group of the day at IEM Fall Europe ended with two Danish victories and a surprise win for SinnerS.

Astralis went head to head with Endpoint on Overpass. The English team had to play with Sabit "mirbit" Coktasar as a stand-in due to visa problems for their Jordanian player Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas. Endpoint managed to keep up with the Danes on their CT-side, but in the second half Astralis steamrolled their opponents. Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth showed once again, that he thrives being back on LAN. The Astralis player was a constant annoyance for Endpoint, who could not find a way through the defense of the Danes. Xyp9x ended the match with a 26-14 K-D score, while Astralis won the match 16-7.

Heroic almost copy-pasted their Danish rivals. With a similar 9-6 score at the break, Heroic turned up the heat in the second half on Dust2. Movistar Riders were left with few chances to make a difference against a fine CT-side from the Danes. Casper "cadiaN" Møller showed, that he is in-form for the RMR event producing an ADR above 100 during the match. Heroic won the match 16-10.

The last match in group B was the most anticipated. A replay from the incredibly close encounter in ESL Pro League between SinnerS and Complexity. A match that ended 16-14 in favor of Complexity after SinnerS had taken the lead at 14-13. This time the Czech's found themselves in the exact same position. 14-13 up, SinnerS started the round by losing two players in the yard on Nuke. But in a dramatic assault on the A-site, they succeeded in winning the round and subsequently the match after an excellent performance from the experienced Tomáš 'oskar' Šťastný and Adam 'NEOFRAG' Zouhar. The Czech's looks like a dangerous outsider for one of the top spots in the group.

Astralis - Endpoint 16-7

Heroic - Movistar Riders 16-10

Complexity - SinnerS 13-16

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