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Astralis and Sinners are on the top of Group B

Movistar and Endpoint sit at the bottom of the table without a victory in two days.

Astralis pull off a good fight at IEM Fall with a solid victory over Movistar Riders and now sit at the top of Group B to get their 2-0 record after two days of play. Heroic couldn’t follow their Danish rivals while losing against SinnerS.

Movistar Riders took a 3-0 lead on the T side of the Inferno to set themselves up for success early on, but good defense by Astralis got them on the board with guns in their hand, taking three in a row make it tie 3-3. The Spanish team didn’t let up, however, retaliating immediately, but so did the Danes what ended up being a close 8-7 half going the way of Magisk’s men. The brawl continued in the second half with Astralis trying to run away, 14-10, but quick retakes from Movistar make it close the way to the end before Astralis took the reins to bring it home 13-16.

Astralis – Movistar Riders | IEM Fall

8-16 (Nuke) |  Magisk – 1.27 Rating / 21-18 K-D / 95.1 ADR

IEM Fall 2021 EU overview:

Heroic – Sinners (13-16) |  SHOCK – 1.49 Rating / 27-15 K-D / 101.7 ADR

Complexity – Endpoint (7-16) | jks - 1.86 Rating / 26-7 K-D / 121-8 ADR

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