Video: Profiled veteran overpower Brazilians in outstanding 1v4

In the matchup against GODSENT, oskar showed glimpses of his glory days at mousesports.

The former mousesports star Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný has been a well-known factor on the highest stage of CS:GO for ages, but the strong AWPer is now to be found in the lower-ranked team Sinners Esports. Although the 29-year old player has returned back home to the Czech Republic and left the elite, the veteran can still dominate the server.

In today’s game against GODSENT, oskar turned back time with this beautiful and well-executed 1v4 clutch.  

oskar and the rest of Sinners couldn’t grab the win, even though the Czech’s did what they could to take down the Brazilians at Snow Sweet Snow 1.

[link:{"url":"","text":"Read more. \"GODSENT picks up first win with new roster\""}]

oskar -'s #14 Of 2018

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