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“Tougher than expected”: oSee on joining top-tier Counter-Strike

We caught up with the North American sniper at BLAST Spring Groups for an interview about his first period on Liquid, his role on the team and much more.

Josh “oSee” Ohm is the man in charge of Liquid’s AWP duties. Something the 23-year-old American has been for more than a year now ever since he was brought up from Extra Salt in December 2021, following an incredible individual year from the silent sniper.

However, the transition into representing one of the biggest organizations in CS:GO and facing the best AWPers week in and week out, haven’t been as smooth as he first thought, oSee reveals in an interview with us.

- I will admit, it has been a little tougher than I thought [joining top-tier CS:GO], oSee said in an interview and continued. Before Liquid I did not understand too much about the game in depth. But after joining the team and especially after YEKINDAR joined, we started talking about game plans, how people are playing currently in the meta, and how much thoughts goes into it. It’s a lot to absorb, and yeah, it has definitely been a little more challenging than I expected.

oSee in 2021 vs 2022

1.29 Rating vs 1.07 Rating

Question: NAF, EliGE and YEKINDAR are all three super strong riflers. Is there enough space for you to really unfold your potential and what you want to do on the server?

- I don’t think it’s really their fault. Of course, we want to have the best riflers as we can, and it’s not like they’re restricting me or anything. They give me the freedom that I want so it’s really up to me to find my playstyle and find the picks that I want to go for.

- Having three really good riflers means that you’re not going to get as many kills, and you might be more in the supportive role, which I’m completely fine with as long as the team is playing well and getting wins. That’s the main goal for me.

So, do you see yourself as a more supportive AWPer?

- I would say so. I’m trying to lean more towards being in between where I will be supportive as well because as an AWPer it’s almost impossible not to be supportive. (…) Setting up your team and your rifles is very important, but also knowing what time is best to look for those picks and be more of like the playmaker.

You can find the entire interview with oSee right here.

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