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Credit: Stephanie Lieske ESL

Team Vitality secure another win in Group C

ZywOo and company secured the victory after a close match.

The French Roster from Vitality has secured their second win at IEM FALL EU after taking down Sprout 16-14 on Vertigo.

Sprout was first out of the gate on the CT site of Vertigo, taking the pistol round, but Vitality dominated the attacking side and went on a four-round rampage. ZywOo and company securing a comfortable 10-5 lead at the end of their attacking effort. This map was the tale of the T sides, and Sprout was not to go down without a fight, as they put together round after round and retook the lead for the first time since the start of the game. Despite a good comeback from Sprout, Vitality just proved to be too strong in the end as they went on to grab the last four rounds to close out the map 16-14.


Vitality – Sprout | IEM Fall

16-14 (Vertigo) |  ZywOo – 1.68 Rating / 30-19 K-D / 107.0 ADR

IEM Fall 2021 EU overview:

ENCE – OG (26-29) | flameZ - 1.26 Rating / 48-36 K-D / 93.4

Dignitas – MAD Lions (16-9) | HEAP - 1.48 Rating / 21-11 K-D / 94.9

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