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Credit: Adela Sznajder ESL

Team Vitality are qualified for the Major!

The Frenchmen from Vitality have ensured a spot at the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm.

With MAD Lions getting their upset against OG, Team Vitality has qualified for the PGL Major by taking a Top 2 place in their group. In the playoffs, Team Vitality will be looking to also get the legend status.

The PGL Major in Stockholm will be misutaaa’s first ever Major, compared to shox who continues his streak of attending every single CS:GO Major that has ever been.

Vitality’s important victory that would help them secure Major qualification came on Inferno, where the Frenchmen completely crushed Dignitas in the first half, ending it 13-2. The Swedish squad slowly began to find their footing in the second half, but it was all a little too late as Vitality went on to close the map 16-8.

Team Vitality – Dignitas 1-0 | IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Inferno (16-8) | misutaaa – 1.30 Rating / 21-17 / 91.0 ADR

OG – MAD Lions 0-1 | IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Nuke (9-16) | Woro2k – 1.98 Rating / 33-16 / 130.1 ADR

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