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Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

Sinners overpower Lyngby Vikings in the Grand Final

The Danish-side from Lyngby Vikings fell short to Sinners and lost the Grand Final of Shadow League 0-2.

The winner of Shadow League Season 1 has been found.

Sinners ran away with the title and $12.000 in first prize as they overpowered a strong Lyngby Vikings squad 2-0 in the Grand Final, despite only getting a 30 minutes break after winning against Sangal in the semi-final. Sinners played six bo3 and dropped only one map across the entire tournament.

The action started on Nuke where both teams followed each other in the first half. Lyngby Vikings were off to the best start, winning the pistol round and 2 rounds afterwards. It took sometime before Sinners managed to stabilize their defense and deny Lyngby Vikings to enter the sites easily. By halftime, Sinners were up 8-7 and as the teams switched sides, they started to turn up the pace and storm trough the Vikings’ defense on bombsites to secure a 16-12 victory on the opener.

Sinners secured the title on Inferno despite getting a slow start. Lyngby Vikings climbed to an 8-4 lead on T-side, before Sinners started to answer back and take the last three rounds of the first half. Once again in the second half, Sinners got a flying start winning 5 rounds in a row to take the lead 12-8. The Danish-side managed to grab 3 rounds before Sinners closed out the map 16-11 and the series 2-0.

Nuke: 16-12 – beastik | 1.38 rating | 81.0 ADR | 23-15 K/D
Inferno: 16-11 – SHOCK | 1.40 rating | 89.4 ADR | 21-10 K/D

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