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Renegades defeated by BIG after disastrous first half

The Australians got off to a terrible start to the match.

While BIG was off to a shaky start at the PGL Major in Stockholm yesterday, they certainly made an excellent showing on Day 2.

Against the Australians from Renegades, the German roster was in complete control on Inferno. BIG started on the T-side, where Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz created havoc with some excellent calls and some incredible aiming. The in-game leader ran the show and could see his team establish a 12-0 lead before Renegades were able to strike back.

The Australians managed to win two rounds in the first half and continued in the second half, where they were much more comfortable on the T-side. The big deficit from the first half came back to haunt them though, as BIG was able to scrape three rounds together and win the match.

With the loss, Renegades will now have to win their next two matches to qualify for the next stage of the tournament. BIG will be paired up with another team, that has a record of 2-1 tomorrow in a best of 3 match.

Renegades – BIG 0-1 | PGL Stockholm Major Challengers Stage

9-16 (Inferno) |  Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz – 1.65 Rating / 26-17 K-D / 114.5 ADR

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