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North America secured a spot at IEM Rio Major

Team Liquid and Complexity followed EG's path to go 2-0 at Americas RMR.

The RMR tournament in Sweden has been a big success for NA Counter-Strike. Four teams are now 2-0 up. Three of them are from North America which guarantees a spot in Rio for at least one of them, when the four teams will be matched against each other tomorrow.

Team Liquid and Complexity were both paired with Brazilian opponents in their second match of the day. It took Team Liquid a series of overtime to defeat MIBR 19-16. Again Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis was pivotal for Liquid, as the Latvian ended the map dropping 30 kills.

For Complexity the job got done in a very convincing fashion. On Ancient Ricky 'floppy' Kemery and the rest of the roster completely shut down paiN in the second half. floppy went 12-0 in the half, where paiN did not win a single round. Complexity won the match 16-7.

The schedule for tomorrow has not yet been made. The matches between the four "2-0" teams will be played as best of three's.

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