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Credit: Helena Kristiansson ESL

New Vitality stomps new EG

Vitality looked unstoppable as they wipe out Evil Geniuses

The first match of Group C had the new look Vitality, who recently added the Astralis-trio of "magisk", "dupreeh", and "zonic", going up against the new Evil Geniuses, who have added, "Stewie2k", "RUSH", and "autimatic" to their lineup. Vitality came into the match as the favorites, being a team filled with superstars, while EG was somewhat of a question mark with multiple players being away from the professional CS:GO scene for quite some time.
The map pick fell upon the legendary decider of Inferno, and had the French/Danish squad starting on the defending side, while EG took on the task of the terrorists.

Right from the get-go, it was very close between the two contenders. EG had a lot of promising rounds with good entries from "RUSH", but it did not amount to any round wins as Vitality went on a winning streak to start the game. The Americans finally broke the defense after six-round losses and started taking some rounds for themselves. After EG had gotten themselves three rounds, the French/Danish squad decided that that was plenty, and they once again took over completely. Vitality was firing on all cylinders with no one under eleven frags and went to halftime with a lead of 12-3.
Vitality kept the momentum into the second half and kept their T-side clean, which led to a massive 16-3 victory for the newly assembled French/Danish squad.

Highlight of the BO1-series:

Vitality – Evil Geniuses (1-0) | BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022

16-3 (Inferno) |

apEX – 2.11 Rating / 24-9 K-D / 146.5 ADR

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