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New ENCE IGL: I have been blessed with this new lineup

Snappi is very pleased with his new Finnish employer and the teammates around him.

On the 21st of January this year, ENCE revealed their new international roster which will represent the big Finnish organization, in their desire to return to the CS:GO elite. The quartet who joins the veteran AWPer Aleksi “allu” Jalli is led by the Danish in-game leader Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer.

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Snappi has in an interview with ENCE opened up about the transfer, with the former Heroic captain explaining that he’s very pleased with his new team, not only the organization but especially his new line up.

“I’m really looking forward to show what I’m capable of. And I feel like I have been blessed with this team’s lineup and incredible coach, and to have the possibilities to do so” - Snappi says

allu has got new teammates in Snappi, dycha, Spinx and doto

The first big task for Snappi and company will be at the prestigious ESL Pro League, which starts next month. The experienced IGL explains how he hopes that his team will be functional and ready, at that point.

“Our goal is to prepare as good as we can for all the maps and be ready to enter the tournament (ESL Pro League). And I think we have progressed really fast also because we put in extra work the two first weeks. I think we got a head start and with one month left we should be able to get things ready. We should be able to show a really good ENCE team at ESL.”

Here’s the full interview with Snappi.

The newly established ENCE team are in action right now, with the Finns taking on Endpoint at Snow Sweet Snow 1. You can see the match on the following link.

[link:{"url":"https://pley.gg/news/live-ence-vs-endpoint-forze-vs-winstrike/","text":"ENCE vs Endpoint | Snow Sweet Snow 1"}]

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