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xseveN says his goodbyes to Counter-Strike

Part of the inspiring ENCE roster, "xseveN" retires from all competitions

When you think of Finnish CS:GO, there is no doubt that you will be thinking of ENCE. With their miracle run back in 2019, ENCE took the entire world by storm as they defied all odds. Since then the Finnish CS:GO scene has been somewhat struggling with the likes of "Aleksib" being the most prominent figure currently.

Part of the legendary ENCE roster was Sami "xseveN" Laasanen. The now 28-year-old player often went under the radar but was an important piece of the puzzle at ENCE. After the downfall of ENCE, "xseveN" joined HAVU 2020, where he has been waving the banner ever since. Now, however, it seems that "xseveN" has played his last Counter-Strike.

The 28-year-old rifler has announced that he will be stepping down from the professional CS:GO scene and that he will not be pursuing a career in CS2. In regards to the retirement of "xseveN", HAVU CEO Lasse Salminen said the following:

"xseveN had an important role in HAVU by having a lot of experience and knowledge in CS. We want to wish him luck for the future and thank him for the three years. I'll be missing him but the friendship stays, thank you Sami,"

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