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NA strikes back in second round of American RMR

Several North American teams recovered well after the disastrous opening round.

Four out of five North American teams clocked in a victory in the second round of the Swiss Group Stage at the Regional Major Ranking tournament in Bucharest for the teams of North and South America.

Most notable was the Team Liquid slaughter of TeamOne. Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski and the rest of the Liquid roster looked highly motivated to prove that the early defeat of the day against 00NATION was a fluke.

Evil Geniuses also retaliated with their first win on European soil in 278 days. Tsvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov was pivotal for the North Americans in their 16-5 against 9z.

The North American star of the day was found in Complexity's outstanding 16-5 win against 00NATION. Paytyn 'junior' Johnson went 27-8 in K-D on Nuke against the South Americans to put Complexity 2-0 up on the scoreboard alongside FURIA, Imperial, and MIBR. The four teams are now in a prime position to secure their spot at the Antwerpen Major.

Standings after Day 1:

1. FURIA 2-0
2. Complexity 2-0
3. Imperial 2-0
4. MIBR 2-0
5. Case 1-1
6. Evil Geniuses 1-1
7. Team Liquid 1-1
8. paiN 1-1
9. Sao Caetano 1-1
10. Party Astronauts 1-1
11. 00Nation 1-1
11. Case 1-1
12. Isurus 1-1
13. Bad News Bears 0-2
14. 9z 0-2
15. Leviatan 0-2
16. TeamOne 0-2

The RMR tournament continues tomorrow. Teams that are 2-0 up or 2-0 down will play BO3 from here on.

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