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MIBR stroll past Complexity

Complexity is eliminated from BLAST after the opening match

Complexity did not have much to say as MIBR casually took them down in two maps.

With the first pick of the series, MIBR chose to take the brawl to the likes of Dust2. The Brazilians landed the first blow as they took five rounds on the T-side, before Complexity were able to take a round of their own. The North Americans struggled throughout the entire half where “Grim” was the only one able to make it into double digits on the kill-counter. MIBR led by 11-4 at halftime.
Complexity looked better after the break and were actually able to win some rounds back-to-back. They were never able to make it scary for the Brazilians though, and MIBR safely took the win at 16-9.

MIBR kept their foot on the gas pedal as they took a 6-2 lead on the CT-side of Complexity’s pick: Inferno. This time around Complexity managed to retaliate and actually put some meaningful rounds on the board before halftime. They managed to pick up six out of fifteen in the first half, which was impressive considering that “chelo” was playing immaculately.
Complexity were not able to put up much of a fight in the second half as the Brazilians kept up the pressure all the way to the finish line. With three players below 50 ADR, Complexity struggled massively to keep up on an individual level. MIBR advanced after a 16-10 win.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Complexity - MIBR 0-2 | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 NA

9-16 (Dust2) | JOTA - 1.61 Rating / 25-13 K-D / 108.0 ADR

10-16 (Inferno) | chelo - 1.59 Rating / 25-12 K-D / 87.0 ADR

MVP: Jhonatan "JOTA" Willian - 1.47 Rating / 46-25 K-D / 95.8 ADR

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