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MIBR face do-or-die matchup after losing to BIG

The Brazilians from MIBR now have a tough road ahead of them at Pinnacle Cup after losing to tabseN and co.

Berlin International Gaming secured their first win of the Pinnacle Cup Championship in a comfortable 16-7 victory over MIBR on Nuke. That means the Brazilians find themselves in a tough situation as they have to face Heroic in a do-or-die matchup on Thursday. BIG, on the other hand, join Mezii’s side from fnatic in the Group A winners’ match to determine who will grab a spot in the upper bracket final.

BIG’s faveN delivered the best performance on the server and dropped 24 kills to help his team get their first victory at the event.

BIG – MIBR 1-0 | Nuke: 16-7 | Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022


Josef “faveN” Baumann | 24-12 K/D – 111.7 ADR – 1.60 Rating

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