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Live: BIG - Liquid

It's been almost one year since these two teams played each other.

The last game of the day is live with BIG vs. Team Liquid, the winner of the match moves on to Knockout Stage Round 2 and the losing team goes to Spring Showdown.

It is a match that is much needed by both teams who have been playing under level during the event so far. BIG has lost both their games 0-2 to G2 and Ninjas in Pyjamas due to poor play and lack of firepower from the German roster. Liquid on the other hand got beaten twice by OG but got themselves their first victory in 2023 against their North American rivals Complexity.

Can BIG secure their first victory at the Copenhagen-based tournament or is Team Liquid too strong for the Germans?

Find out when the game goes live at 18:30 (CET) on the following Twitch channel:

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