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Liquid Eliminate Complexity From The Major

Complexity could not survive their North American rivals.

It was a North American matchup for survival when Liquid and Complexity battled it out on the server. It was not a very long battle though as Liquid managed to win in just two maps.

On Liquid's pick of Ancient, Complexity managed to put up an acceptable defensive half of 8-7, but that did not leave much margin for error on the T side where they struggled. Liquid's ended the first map on a solid defensive 8-1 streak.
The second map of Overpass was entirely different. Here "nitr0" and co put up an impressive defensive performance in the first half which landed them a 12-3 lead. Complexity, now only four rounds away from elimination, fought bravely and managed to amass 12 rounds before Liquid put the final nail in the coffin.

Complexity leave the Major at 1-3, while Liquid will have the chance to qualify for Legends Stage tomorrow.

Liquid - Complexity 2-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

16-12 (Ancient) | shox - 1.35 Rating / 25-19 K-D / 89.4 ADR

16-12 (Vertigo) | NAF - 1.64 Rating / 29-13 K-D / 100.0 ADR

MVP: Keith "NAF" Markovic - 1.35 Rating / 47-31 K-D / 88.4 ADR

Interesting scoreline: Ricky "floppy" Kemery - 1.31 Rating / 51-43 K-D / 103.9 ADR

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