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Liquid coach: The plan wasn’t always to have FalleN become IGL

Jason “moses” O’Toole admitted in an interview with HLTV that he had concerns about FalleN in the beginning.

It’s been around seven months since moses transitioned from a talent member to Liquid’s head coach to try to bring back the North American team to where they were in 2019. After he realized that Twistzz and the rest of the team weren’t on the same page anymore, he decided to move the Canadian on. 

Team Liquid picked up the Brazilian Godfather, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo to replace the Canadian, with him joining the North American squad ahead of BLAST Premier Global Final. After a poor run at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, the Brazilian took over the IGL role from Stewie2K, leading the North American-side to the semi-final in IEM Katowice. 

“That change occurred the day that we were beaten by FaZe the second time in BLAST. The plan wasn’t always to have FalleN become the IGL. I think Stewie2K reads the game very well and he can be a great IGL if he ever chooses to be. The attractiveness of FalleN as a player to pick up wasn’t him just being an AWPer and an IGL, it’s just a lot of flexibility.” 

The 34-year-old coach admitted to being impressed about FalleN who quickly became comfortable enough to become captain and be able to settle in the team. But moses also admitted that he had doubts about if FalleN would be motivated enough and still be as ambitious. 

“Those concerns were fair and valid, I remember even having those concerns and speaking about them on broadcasts. He was focused on cementing his legacy as a player and his history as one of the best AWPers and IGL’s, and finding himself another Major. That was obviously perfect for me, I want guys who are going to chase down a legacy.” 

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