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"JUGi" as stand-in for Complexity

Complexity has announced "JUGi" as a stand-in for "poizon" for Blast Premier Global Finals

Complexity has just announced that former Astralis player Jakob "JUGi" Hansen will be stepping in as a stand-in for the roster in the upcoming BLAST Premier Global Finals.

Complexity is still missing Valentin "poizon" Vasilev after he underwent emergency surgery in December 2020 but is expected to rejoin his team-members in the early stages of 2021. The nature of the emergency surgery was kept private when Complexity Gaming CEO Jason Lake stated the following in a tweet from December 9, 2020:

It will be interesting to see how "JUGi" performs in the upcoming BLAST tournament as the event is pack-filled with top-tier teams, including his former team Astralis. "JUGi" haven't played for a team since parting ways with Astralis. Furthermore, he has been trialed for Team Liquid's Valaront roster, so whether or not his Counter-Strike abilities remain just as sharp as previously will be exciting to witness.

Complexity and "JUGi" face one of the biggest Counter-Strike giants, currently, in their opening match against Vitality. The match is set to begin at 13:30 (CET) on January 20th.

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