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Imperial and Complexity eliminated from IEM Dallas

A breathtaking REZ was the highlight of today's two first matches at IEM Dallas.

Elimination was on the line as the four teams that lost their Bo1s in Group B kicked off the second day at IEM Dallas. NIP was the only European team among the four and were joined by Complexity, Liquid, and Imperial.

Imperial vs. Liquid

"fer" started hot on Imperial's pick of Overpass which gave the Brazilians a small 3-0 T-side lead. But as soon as the rifles came out for Liquid, they took over completely. Everyone except for "nitr0" was far and above carrying their weight and the Brazilians had a lot of problems with the clock, which resulted in an 11-1 run for the North Americans to end the half.
With the huge halftime lead, Liquid unsurprisingly won the map. Imperial did though manage to take five rounds in a row towards the end, giving them a bit of momentum heading into the second map.

The first half of the second map of Vertigo could have almost been a copy-paste from Overpass. Imperial got the 3-0 CT-side lead after a 2v5 pistol-round clutch from "fer" and "VINI", but once again Liquid came in with an 11-1 run that had them sitting comfortably at halftime.
"boltz" who also played a good first half, continued that in the second half which saw Imperial starting to make a comeback. It did not come to fruition though as Liquid, just like map one, was just too far ahead.

After just two days and zero map victories, Imperial are eliminated from IEM Dallas, while Liquid hold on.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Imperial - Liquid 0-2 | IEM Dallas 2022

9-16 (Overpass) | NAF - 1.51 Rating / 24-13 K-D / 93.3 ADR

9-16 (Vertigo) | EliGE - 1.50 Rating / 22-13 K-D / 98.0 ADR

MVP: Keith "NAF" Markovic - 1.50 Rating / 46-27 K-D / 96.7 ADR

Complexity vs. NIP

On the b-stream, "Plopski" continued the good work he had shown yesterday in their loss against BIG. This time, instead of being accompanied by "Brollan" at the top of the scoreboard, it was "REZ" that stepped up. This resulted in a 10-5 CT side half on Complexity's pick of Vertigo.
After a win in the second-half pistol round, the Ninjas quickly found map point at 15-6. The Americans managed to take a few rounds afterward, but it was never really close, and NIP closed it out safely after a monster performance from "REZ".

Complexity got off to a much better start on the second map of Overpass. The Americans caught fire early and took a 5-0 CT-side lead. Unluckily for them, they took the foot off the gas just a little which let the Ninjas sneak in and take seven rounds before the break.
The Ninjas continued their momentum from the first half and took six rounds right out of the break. The Scandinavian team dropped a handful of rounds towards the end, but still managed to take it over the line. Once again it was "REZ" that was the clear difference-maker in the matchup, sitting alone at the top of the scoreboard.

The Ninjas In Pyjamas finish the Bo3 in just two maps and eliminate Complexity at IEM Dallas.

Complexity - NIP 0-2 | IEM Dallas 2022

9-16 (Vertigo) | REZ - 2.11 Rating / 32-12 K-D / 136.2 ADR

12-16 (Overpass) | REZ - 1.65 Rating / 29-18 K-D / 111.6 ADR

MVP: Frederik "REZ" Sterner - 1.87 Rating / 61-30 K-D / 123.2 ADR

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