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"I love Anubis!": EliGE after playing his first official on Anubis

The Team Liquid player gave some interesting insights into playing a new map and switching the M4A1-s out.

Team Liquid was off to a perfect start at BLAST World Finals with a 2-1 win against the IEM Rio winners from Outsiders.

The NA team turned the match around on Anubis, and thereby won the first Tier-1 game on the map. We spoke with Liquid's rifler Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski after the match.

- Anubis is really, really fun. I liked it a lot when it first came out. It's just a lot better than Ancient and Vertigo were when they first came out. The base standard is really, really good. And I think it's fun and the rotations are really fun, the American told after the match and continued.

- I love the map, and I hope people pick it, just because I think it's fun.

EliGE also gave some very interesting insights into what kind of rifle he prefers now on the CT side after the M4A1-s has been nerfed a couple of times with lesser bullets and a reduction to how much damage it deals on a distance. During the match, he played with the M4A4 rifle instead.

- When I swapped to the A4 on one of the scrim days, I just felt like it was a lot stronger, and I just feel like I'm getting way more kills than I did before, and a lot stronger kills with spraytransfers. For me, I think that getting A4 is a lot better, and it kills a lot faster, and it feels better overall.

You can see the full interview with EliGE here.

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