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Liquid takes down Major champions in Anubis premiere

Liquid turned a bad start into a comfortable victory.

The first match of BLAST World Finals delivered the first game on Anubis in a Tier-1 tournament. Outsiders picked into the map, but before that, Liquid had chosen Inferno as the starting point of the match.

Here Outsiders came out blasting like they just continued their impressive run from IEM Rio. The first half belonged to the CIS team and especially Petr 'fame' Bolyshev. The young Russian once again proved, that he is on his way to the very top of the CS:GO landscape with a stellar CT half.

After the break Team Liquid tried to find their way back from a 3-12 deficit, but in the end, the damage was done.

Then Anubis entered the scene for the very first time in a Tier-1 tournament. In-game leader from Outsiders, Dzhami "Jame" Ali had already hinted at playing the map beforehand so it was hardly a surprise for Liquid, that the map would come into play. Surprisingly enough it almost looked like it was the NA team, that had picked the map. Both on the CT and T side it was EliGE and NAF controlling the game. Liquid had big success with B split attacks, which Outsiders did not seem to have an answer to.

Liquid dominated Outsiders on Anubis and won the map 16-8 to set up a Mirage as the decider map.

Here the NA team continued their momentum and took a 10-5 lead with them to the break. Liquid could enjoy Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis popping off after two quiet maps. Team Liquid carried on in the second half with another impressive performance from EliGE and NAF, who stood out during the match as the two best players from Liquid. The NA duo silenced Outsiders and won Mirage 16-8 to give themselves a perfect start to BLAST World Finals.

Both teams will be back in action tomorrow in the upper and lower brackets of Group A.

Outsiders – Team Liquid 1-2| BLAST Premier World Finals

16-10 (Inferno)  fame – 1.62 Rating / 23-16 K-D / 104.6 ADR

8-16 (Anubis) |  EliGE – 1.43 Rating / 21-13 K-D / 80.9 ADR

8-16 (Mirage) |  NAF – 1.48 Rating / 19-8 K-D / 76.4 ADR

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