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HooXi on Counter-Strike 2: I think it looks a bit too cartoon-ish

Does the G2 captain have a point?

Ever since Valve revealed the highly-anticipated Counter-Strike 2 earlier this week, the entire Counter-Strike community has been busy testing, dissecting, and especially discussing the new update.

Where a new and innovative smoke mechanic that lets you create gaps in the smoke itself and a major overhaul of the overall appearance and graphics of the maps, clearly seem to be the biggest talking points.

G2 in-game leader Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen has also chimed in with his opinion with the Danish captain expressing his dislike for a couple of aspects including the above-mentioned features, he notes in a Twitlonger.

- While I think I stand pretty alone with this, I think the game looks a bit too cartoon-ish. I like the fact that it is way brighter and it has more colours - CSGO looks very boring compared to CS2, but I think this could've been achieved without taking inspiration from Fortnite and Valorant. I hope and think most of it is about getting used to it, HooXi states about the overall look of the game.

Smoke update

The smoke update is also a worrying sight for HooXi despite seeing some positives though.

- I actually like the idea that you can shoot the smoke and it is more revealing for whoever initiates the spam battle. I think that is a good and fair replacement removing oneway smokes and the HE bug, where you could see "shadows" of people through the smoke that you were not supposed to, HooXi explains but continues:

- BUT the new HE mechanic of making the smoke literally disappear for 3-4 sec. is too much. It will change the way CS is played forever and you have to be very careful when changing fundamental parts of CS that has been there since the beginning. I am not a fan and I hope they come up with something else or just remove this completely and this is not just me being your typical CS player that hates changed I put a lot of thoughts into it, I tried and I am coming to the same conclusion over and over.

You can read HooXi's lengthy read about Counter-Strike down below, where he also pinpoints multiple positive things about the new update.

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