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Credit: Jak Howard ESL

Highlight: tabseN and BIG manages an impressive ECO win

Who needs more than a USP-S when your name is "tabseN"

The economical aspect of Counter-Strike is not only a punishing factor for the losing team, but also allows for the usage of many different guns, at different price points and with different strengths and weaknesses. Despite this, however, it is rare to see a team within the tier-one CS:GO scene opt for other alternatives than the M4A1-S, the AK-47, and of course the AWP. This means that economical rounds, otherwise known as "ECO rounds", are a crucial part of professional CS:GO.

ECO rounds can be executed in different ways, often dependent on how much money the given team has stored in their bank. If a team has invested little to no money into their ECO round it is almost regarded as a lost round before it has even started. Whilst this may be the case in most scenarios, the German ace "tabseN" and his teammates at BIG, proved that every round can be won, even you have invested nothing into it.

A single well-timed flashbang from "syrsoN" thrown from the A-site, allowed for an unsuspected peek from "tabseN". Thanks to his crisp aim and the element of surprise, he manages to take down three well-equipped opponents with nothing but the USP-S. Left in shock were the remaining two Party Astronaut players who were quickly executed by "Krimbo" and "tiziaN".

Take a look at the remarkable ECO round from "tabseN" and BIG:

The match between BIG and Party Astronauts is currently LIVE - you can watch the remainder of the Bo3-series right here down below:

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