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Credit: Carlton Beener ESL

Highlight: Stewie2K remain calm in ACE clutch

The fan-favorite in Jake "Stewie2K" Yip secures an entire round all by himself

Not many professional players can say that they have won a major - "Stewie2K", however, can. With him being a part of the Cloud9 roster who took the world by storm and won the ELEAGUE Boston Major in 2018. Nobody expected the NA boys to reach the Grand Final, let alone win the entire major. This, however, became a reality and the smoke criminal in "Stewie2K" cemented himself as one of the best NA players in the entire world.

After Cloud9, the smoke criminal joined MIBR for a short and unsuccessful stay. After MIBR he joined Team Liquid - the team he is currently playing under. Whilst it is difficult to imagine "Stewie2K" winning another major as it currently stands in the professional scene of CS:GO, he has continued to progress as an individual player ever since.

When playing against Virtus.pro in yesterday's match, he proved exactly how clinical he can be when needed. Left alone to defend the A-bombsite on Overpass, he remains calm and collected as all five players enter the site. With precision and intent, he manages to take down all five of his enemies and win the round singlehandedly - take a look:

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