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Highlight: oSee collects beautiful 3K in 1v2 clutch

The North American sniper has been on fire recently

Whilst things are getting intense at the ongoing RMR tournament for the upcoming PGL Major, Team Liquid can lean back and look forward to participating in the prestigious event in Antwerp. After beating Evil Genuises, they booked themselves a spot at the upcoming Major, the first of its kind for 22-year-old AWP'er Josh "oSee" Ohm.

Filling the shoes of any CS:GO player is a difficult task when you rely so heavily on good communication and teamwork in the game of Counter-Strike. Filling the shoes of CS:GO icon "FalleN" seems almost impossible. Whilst this may the case, however, "oSee" has been putting in the work required to fill his role within the Liquid roster. Scoring an impressive 1.32 rating (5 maps) at the current RMR tournament, it seems as if he is already beginning to feel comfortable amongst his teammates at Liquid.

"oSee" showcased this earlier today when Liquid faced Evil Geniuses in a battle for a qualifying spot in the PGL Major. Proving his worth as Liquid's primary AWP'er, the 22-year-old sniper managed to close out an important round singlehandedly. Remaining calm and collected, "oSee" executed a 1 vs 2 clutch to perfection, securing an impressive 3K and the round for his team - take a look:

Whether or not "oSee" will continue his current form in the upcoming events for Team Liquid we will have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, however, he is looking better and better as time goes on.

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