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Highlight: Incredible 1v3 clutch from oSee

The North-American sniper is just as dangerous with a rifle in his hands

IEM Cologne 2022 is nearing its end as we enter the Semi-finals today. Fighting for a chance to reach the Semi-finals were Team Liquid and Movistar Riders as they had an intense brawl yesterday. The North-American CS:GO scene relies heavily on the success of Team Liquid as it currently stands in the professional scene of CS:GO, and seeing them perform at such a high level with "YEKINDAR" under their belt, is great for the many North-American CS:GO fans out there.

Unfortunately, for the North-American CS:GO fans, Team Liquids IEM Cologne 2022 run was cut short by the Spaniards of Movistar Riders. The Team Liquid boys, however, did not go down without a fight. Especially one player proved himself in clutch scenarios, and he is shaping up to become an integral and important part of the new-look Team Liquid.

I am, of course, talking about "oSee". Filling the shoes of the iconic "FalleN", "oSee" is slowly but surely showing proof of him maturing as a player. He proved this in an incredible fashion yesterday by remaining calm and collected in an important 1v3 situation. Whilst he is normally wielding an AWP, the American talent proved just how dangerous he can be with a rifle as well - take a look:

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